Navigating volatile markets: harnessing the bond-equity partnership

In this article, we take a closer look at the longer-term relationship between bonds and equities, and how we can use it to our advantage during periods of market volatility. Understanding market volatility Financial markets never stay still and can often move dramatically higher or lower in response to major global events or when economic […]

Will British ISAs boost the UK equity market’s hopes for a revival?

In a proactive move, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced the creation of a new British ISA, aimed at stimulating investment inflows into the UK stock market, signalling a concerted effort to reinvigorate domestic investment.  The question remains: Will this be sufficient to reignite investor interest in UK equities, or have investors lost their love for the […]

Women in Family Business report 2024

Family Business United has launched a campaign to celebrate the role of women in family firms. There are some incredible women, family members and non-family members alike doing some amazing things in family firms across the UK and this report celebrates their contribution to this thriving sector. The campaign began in 2024 and each year a […]

Defensive Capital Fund (DCF) Flash Report – January 2023

The Fund returned -0.1%* in January: a weak month for bonds and UK equities in particular. Strongest positive contributions in January came from Other Structured notes at +1.1%, Discounted Assets +0.3%, as well as Structured Notes at +0.3%. Our biggest detractor this month came from Real Assets with a negative contribution of -1.5% as UK infrastructure […]

The importance of remaining invested

Navigating the ups and downs of financial markets can be daunting. Remaining invested when markets fall may seem counter intuitive, but it can be the best way to not crystalise losses and avoid your portfolio underperforming over the longer term.sustained outcome. Instead, staying invested but keeping balance continues to be our goal. Trying to time […]

Glass half empty or full? Outlook 2024

As we near the end of 2023, we are at a crossroads for both economies and investments. During 2023 sentiment has oscillated between two different investment scenarios, the glass-half-full camp, and the glass-half-empty camp. The challenge is to construct portfolios while recognising that either scenario could occur. Given the uncertainty which prevails, we believe that […]

Conflict in the Middle East and investment strategy considerations

October has seen tragic events unfold in the Middle East.The conflict between Israel and Hamas that controls Gaza have quite rightly drawn the world’s focus to immense human suffering. There have been thousands of civilians killed in just the first few days alone, with many times more injured and whole communities displaced. With tensions in […]

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