Cornelian Risk Managed Funds: Market Outlook

By Hector Kilpatrick Senior Investment Director; Head of Risk Managed Funds Some specific sectors of the stock market seem to be exhibiting a degree of euphoria. Exposure to anything Artificial Intelligence (AI) or obesity drug related is being handsomely rewarded and, as a result, a degree of caution is required. However, the focus on very […]

The market’s reaction to the UK election – it’s about economics, not politics

Financial markets seem ambivalent about the UK’s coming general election. Brooks Macdonald’s Investment Strategist, Matthew Cady, discusses why economics, not politics, is currently the biggest influence. Despite the political shock waves of a general election called much earlier than expected, for Thursday 4th July, financial markets barely registered the news. Whether looking at sterling, the […]

Asset Allocation Overview: Q1 2024

Will inflation keep falling? Contact us 0203 418 0257 References Source:

Is it time to look at the UK?

By Mike Toolan & Joshua Herson Column inches and emotive headlines have been dedicated to the decision, by a number of high profile UK Investors, to materially change their allocations to UK assets in favour of US assets. Headlines touting the continued demise of London as a world leading financial centre to patriotic criticism for […]

Quarterly Market Overview Q1 2024 | Will inflation keep falling?

The constructive market mindset that characterised the end of 2023 continued in Q1 2024. Global economic growth has been supported by a strong US picture, while corporate earnings have generally continued to prove more resilient than expected – collectively, these have succeeded in pushing back on fears of a meaningful recession. Consumer spending is still […]

Quarterly Market Overview Q4 2023 | Inflation outlook still calling the shots

Investment markets have encountered cross winds throughout 2023. On the positive side, equity markets have benefited from a new age in technology, driven by generative artificial intelligence (AI). At the same time, geopolitical risks have heightened with the conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas alongside Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Central banks […]

Daily market updates from our Chief Investment Office

What has happened The yo-yo of bond market optimism continued yesterday with a fresh rally within bond markets in Europe and the US. Signs of US labour market easing was the main catalyst for this resurgence in the dovish pivot narrative with markets upgrading the chance of a soft-landing outcome. ECB speakers While the Fed […]

Do annuities have a place in my portfolio?

When planning for retirement, clients often grapple with the decision of whether to invest in a multi-asset portfolio or opt for the relative simplicity of purchasing an annuity. Both options have their merits and drawbacks, and the choice ultimately depends on your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and personal circumstances. What is an annuity? An investor […]

Jeremy Hunt searches for growth

In stark contrast to the last, this year’s Autumn Statement took place against a much more stable economic backdrop, a point Jeremy Hunt was eager to underline during his speech. Citing the fall of inflation down to 4.6%, and better than expected GDP growth in 2023, the Chancellor confidently declared that this was a statement for a ‘country that had turned a corner’. Higher tax revenue boosted government funds and the Chancellor has used this windfall to deliver […]

AIM Portfolio Service: Manager’s Commentary – Q3 2023

In the third quarter of 2023 our AIM Portfolio Service returned -6.84%, compared to the benchmark Numis Alternative Markets (Total Return) Index which returned -3.24%. The third quarter of 2023 proved to be another frustrating period for AIM market returns. The Bank of England (BoE) increased the base interest rate by a further 25 basis […]

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